• Application in hospitals and government

    ROBA thermal insulation and decoration integration...

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  • Application in hotels and office buildings

    Generally, hotels and office buildings have high r...

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  • Application ROBA board in Germany

    ROBA board has been applied since the 1970s and it...

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  • Application in cold chain projects

    Cold Chain is a supply chain system, and it means ...

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  • Application in factory projects

    Because the polyurethane has good thermal insulati...

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  • Application in school projects

    Schools have high requirements for the safety of o...

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  • Application in residential projects

    SEDANT ROBA PRODUCTS are widely applied in various...

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SEDANT ROBA Energy & Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SEDANT ROBA”) is the core enterprise of SEDANT science and technology brands under SEDANT Foundation Group and was established in 2005 with the registered capital of RMB 50.08 Million Yuan, and its headquarter in China Region is located in Beijing and is a large-scale professionalized joint-stock company integrating R&D, manufacturing, construction of architectural energy-saving materials.

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